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Eline Rilda

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Madonna-designer: ‘Succeeding in fashion was easier in the 80s’

An internationally renowned designer, whose clothes have been worn by Madonna, Michael Jackson and Cher, criticised the Government for not supporting up and coming young designers in a talk with KU students. Award-winning designer and former KU fashion student Helen Storey talked about how the industry has changed rapidly since she started working in the 80s, when visiting Kingston University last month.

KU Vice Chancellor warns Labour over tuition fee plans

KU Vice Chancellor Julius Weinberg has strongly opposed Labour’s £6,000 tuition fee cap proposal, saying “sustainable funding” would be needed to retain high quality education. On Monday, some of the country’s leading vice-chancellors wrote an open letter to Labour in The Times where they warned that a £3,000 reduction in tuition fees would not benefit students.

Fortnightly bin scheme provokes anger among Lib Dems and residents

MP Ed Davey has described Kingston Council’s new recycling scheme as “nonsense”, and said it would lead to an overflow of recyclables. This month the council ruled that Kingston residents will from next year have to store their recycling for two weeks instead of one. Food and landfill waste will still be picked up weekly.

Exclusive: KU postgrad set to improve cancer therapy

She has set her passion for architecture aside to participate in revolutionising cancer treatments.

Review: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015) will definitely make your hands sweat, but the director has some nerve to call it a horror movie. The sequel, starring Phoebe Fox (One Day, 2006) and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse, 2012) is far from as scary as its predecessor, The Woman in Black (2012), where Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) was terrorised by the ghost.

Bus damaged after crash in Eden Street

A bus and a Mercedes collided in Eden Street at around 11.30am today, causing long queues and anger among travellers. The 131 bus was hit by a Mercedes as it turned onto Eden Street from Ashdown Road, causing considerable damage to the right side of the bus. Angry passengers had to leave the bus as police arrived at the scene.

Breaking news: Fly from Europe to US for under £10

Michael O’Leary and the Irish airline Ryanair will now send you from Europe to the US for less than a tenner - the same price as a day travel card in London. Norwegian made headlines in October last year when they announced that they would send passengers from Gatwick to New York for a shocking £149 one way.

Fancy skiing on top of a tower of garbage?

Denmark is known for its flat landscape, and they are (arguably) not the best skiers in the world. But now they can go skiing in their own country – on a mountain of rubbish! Waste incinerators are usually hidden from people’s sights – we sure do not want to see our garbage, right? Garbage is gross.

PSNEurope: The Church Studios reopens

Milico and UK producer Paul Epworth have announced the relaunch of The Church Studios in Crouch End, north London.

The dangers of the palm oil industry

Every year large amounts of rainforests are being cut down so that palm oil trees can be grown – only for the sake of human’s eating habbits.

Sling fitness training: Scary or fun?

A couple of days ago I tried the (not so) new fitness trend at the market: sling fitness training. Yeah, I know I’m a bit of a latecomer to this sling training party, but to be honest; the word in itself is a bit terryfying. However, when my local gym announced they had started up with these classes, I found no reason not to go and give it a try.

Review: Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

If you have not read the classic horror novel Rosemary’s Baby yet, you should. Ira Levin brings the horror home with Rosemary’s Baby, the book where you know what is going to happen but still manage to get surprised when it happens. Let us face it – the cover of the book says it all. It has a picture of a stroller with a devil’s tail sticking out from it.


Eline Rilda

I recently graduated from Kingston University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in journalism and creative writing. I am an all-round freelance journalist with a keen interest in arts and entertainment.

Ever since I started working for a local newspaper at the age of 15, I have had a huge interest in media, technology and everything that surrounds us - whether it be politics, culture or environment.

My work is published in various media platforms, including newspapers, radio, magazines and online magazines in the UK and Scandinavia.



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